Corporate Sales

Raingoat offers both screenprinting and embroidered logo treatments on all of our products. With a low minimum order of 20, you can provide premium rain gear to your staff and clients.

Rain Jackets & Apparel

Your logo can be screen printed on the chest opposite the zip pocket or on either sleeve.

Waterproof Bags

Your logo can be screen printed in a myriad of placements. We will show you mock-ups and provide our suggestions.


Your logo can be screen printed on the outside of the canopy and on the protective sleeve.

Let's Get Started

Send us an email with the idea for your customized Raingoat products, and we will help get you across the finish line.


Your custom printing will take approximately 14 days for items we have in our warehouse.

If you want to order a custom color, we have a 60-day turnaround time.

The minimum order to be customized for our core (in-stock) items is 20 units.

If you are ordering a custom color, the minimum is 100 units.

Customization is free, and you will receive a tiered price discount when ordering in bulk. Some shipping fees may also be incurred.

Yes, we will help get your logo ready for printing.

Yes, we can ship directly to the end-user (staff or client). Or, we can send the entire shipment direct to you.