Raingoat Supply Chain Standards

Safe and respectful working environment

Our manufacturers must behave lawfully and responsibly, protect the environment, act safely, and safeguard their worker's rights. Every manufacturer must adhere to the requirements and principles outlined in our Manufacturer Code of Conduct, even when they exceed legal requirements.

Code of Conduct

Workers must be older than 15 years or the legal minimum age for employment, whichever is more stringent.

Workers must not be subjected to physical or financial punishment such as withholding wages or financial penalties.
Workers must have unrestricted access to their identification documents at all times.

Workers must be free to access fundamental liberties such as a toilet when needed and drinking water.

Workers must be able to terminate their employment with
reasonable notice and without penalty

No worker should be subjected to discrimination, physical, verbal, or psychological abuse, including threats of violence or sexual harassment.

Workers must not be threatened, terminated, or otherwise retaliated against for the non-violent exercise of their right to establish, join, or refrain from joining legal organizations.

Suppliers must provide authentic and reliable attendance and payroll records for review.

Wastewater must be disposed of in accordance with applicable laws. Hazardous substances must be properly disposed of.

Workers must be protected from immediate life-threatening hazards such as fire or building collapse.
Adequate and functioning fire detection, alarm, and suppression systems must be where workers are present.

All emergency exits must be free from obstruction and never blocked or locked when anyone is in the building.

Workers must be protected from exposure to toxic chemicals and substances that pose a health hazard.

Machines must have appropriate safeguards to protect workers from injuries.

Social Responsibility Audit

We utilize a variety of industry associations for a Social Responsibility Audit; these organizations take the following actions during an audit:

  • Site inspection of all areas, including living quarters
  • Confidential worker interviews or surveys conducted without site management present
  • Review and analysis of site documents or licenses to assess workers’ age, contracts, compensation, working hours, and workplace conditions
  • Identification of past compliance issues, areas for improvement
  • Development of a corrective action plan

Approved Audit Associations